07.05.2013: ADB tool 1.5.0
General purpose maintenance program for ABS databases. Supports BLOB's and graphic objects. Based on database engine: ComponentAce 6.05. Preferred database tool for our new production testers.
Download ZIP file: ADB tool.zip
25.06.2016: Terminal 9.0
Terminal for serial ports & sockets. Advanced tester for microcontrollers. ASCII/HEX with CRC 8|16|32 support. Terminal with VT100|VT51 terminal emulation. Sockets with TCP | UDP sockets. Win10 update.
Download ZIP file: terminal.zip
15.10.2017: POP cleaner 4.0
POP cleaner is a simple, manual add-on program to use with your primary email program. It is a easy way to check incoming messages, without loading them into your email program. You may mark unwanted messages and delete them directly at the mail server. This program is able to use up to ten different POP3-type mail servers. Win10 update.
Download ZIP file: popcleaner.zip
25.06.2016: LanTool 5.0
General purpose tool for class-C subnets. Collects LAN info: Host, IP, MAC. Automatic ping of active hosts. Manual Wake-on-LAN function. Graphical display of NIC's speed. Win10 update.
Download ZIP file: lantool.zip
21.02.2011: Com51 4.0.2
Communications program for our 51-microcontrollers. Support for multiple communication protocols, also RPC's. Maintenance program for our controller products. New ribbon user interface.
Download ZIP file: com51.zip
18.02.2009: DBtool 4.4
General purpose maintenance program for dBaseIV databases. Based on embedded database engine: Topaz 8.0. Supports also picture objects. Database tool for our old production testers.
Download ZIP file: dbtool.zip
All our Free Software Products are simple EXE-files; you should know how to install them. We are not responsible if you blow up anything with these programs. Usually there is a short PDF-manual in ZIP file.